The weather in Lake Zurich, Wheeling, Palatine, Hawthorn Woods, Barrington, Buffalo Grove & Vernon Hills, IL is about to get much warmer. It’s time for spring cleaning and outdoor living. If you want to enjoy the summer heat, you’ll need a reliable cooling system. The easiest way to ensure indoor comfort this summer and avoid HVAC system breakdowns is with spring AC maintenance.

Air Conditioners Get Dirty Too

By the time spring arrives, your air conditioner will have collected a year’s worth of grease, grit and grime that reduces indoor air quality and impedes AC performance. Running a dirty air conditioner subjects the unit to excessive stress that takes a heavy toll on your equipment. The system can be damaged and its lifespan cut short. AC service includes a careful cleaning that will leave your unit spic and span.

Dirty Air Conditioners Are Inefficient Air Conditioners

Air conditioning maintenance keeps cooling costs low. Why waste money on inefficient system performance when you could spend it on summer fun? A grimy air conditioner consumes a lot of energy, and your utility bills will reflect it. Cooling system maintenance primes your unit for energy-efficient performance, and that means maximum indoor comfort at the lowest possible price.

Grimy Air Conditioners Need More Repairs

The excess stress that a dirty air conditioner is subjected to can damage the system and result in expensive and unnecessary repairs. Ninety-five percent of air conditioning repairs can be prevented with annual maintenance, so a tuneup is a smart investment.

AC Maintenance Equals Cool Contentment

Do your part by changing the AC filters every month and by keeping the area around the outdoor unit clear of foliage and debris that could block airflow.

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